Certificate Of Inspection.

Diesel Services Albany are CoF B (Heavy) certified, enabling us to meet all your needs at once. We can complete both the CoF-pre check and also the CoF, giving you piece of mind, and also saving time.

We currently have four certified WoF and CoF inspectors so can promptly undertake inspections. New Zealand law requires all commercial transport vehicles, and any heavy vehicle over a weight of 3,500kgs, to be inspected every six months for a Certificate of Fitness (CoF). CoF B (Heavy) includes  trucks, larger trailers & motorhomes over a weight of 3,500kgs.

Along with a CoF inspection we can also carryout WoF inspections on buses. WoFs, VCAs & CoF Inspection.

Your Certificate of Fitness starts from the date your vehicle passes the inspection. However, if you bring your vehicle to us a few days before your current CoF expires (up to a maximum of 28 days), we can extend the expiry date of your new CoF equal to the number of days you had left on the old one.

Diesel Services Albany can now offer a one stop shop for your pre-CoF check, CoF inspection and VCAs. With our four qualified inspectors, we can now offer inspections, certifications and any repairs necessary all under one roof.

From On-Site Servicing

to Brake

Checks, we are your

one stop shop.